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About me

David G Walker BSc (Hons)

Whilst at University

I learned to program in C and Pascal.  The modules studied were diverse and interesting ranging from Expert Systems to Object Oriented programming.  The course also taught me commercial methods of program design, documentation and security. I graduated from Staffordshire University in 1995 with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science.

Since graduating
I have worked for many large organisations (British Energy, BP, NHS, Airtours, News International, etc.).  The projects I have completed (if I start a project I will finish it) range from simple upgrades to a bespoke PHP application to batch process credit card payments taking over a Million UK Pounds per month and I was the sole developer.

The earlier years
Since 1979 I have had an interest in computing and at that time I owned a Vic 20.  It was slow and clunky, and loading and saving data to a tape-drive often failed, which made programming frustrating.  For this reason I left computing and pursued my other interest motorcycling.  During the following 3 years I completed an apprenticeship as a motorcycle mechanic.

In 1990, when computers were becoming faster and more reliable, I decided to take up computing again.  Using the new PCs were a breath of fresh air compared to the slow old days.  This enthused me to enrol on a full-time degree course.

Several of my creations

phpMySQLAutoBackup automates the backup of MySQL databases

phpJobScheduler - scheduling PHP scripts to run at set intervals your replacement for cron jobs. 

phpAMA - create a members area using PHP MySQL, protect your members only or adult content



Software directory
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